The History Behind Pero SEO, Inc.


eriously, it was just an odd coincidence.

We all met while working at The Richards Group, and discovered one November that the entire SEO team all had birthdays that month. Perhaps, Scorpio’s are all analytical thinkers or something. Needless to say Pero SEO was born. In case you aren’t making the connection, November is the 11th month.

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The Right People In The Right Jobs

Being part of a small team, we learned to be utility players. But unlike most Jacks of All Trades, we are each a master in our own right.

Andre Perreault
Andre PerreaultFounder
Andre, has over 15 years SEO experience. He offers a no-nonsense approach to digital marketing rooted around search engine optimization. His favorite quote says it all: “You must be present to win!”. He also is nicknamed “The SEO Physician” for his expertise with medical SEO.